Where To Get Moving Boxes & Moving Containers | Move Guide

We know moving boxes seems to be a pretty simple aspect in the grand scheme of your relocation plans, but there is actually more than meets the eye. Most people tend to make the same fundamental mistake the first time they move, which is to grab the largest box and filling it with as much as they can. Then they close it up with packing tape only to realize they can't even lift it, or even worse they manage to pick it up only for the bottom fail spilling out all the contents. Large corrugated cardboard storage boxes are great for lightweight items, or a mix of light soft things like towels, sheets, ect. helping to protect some breakable items. But there are other options as well, from plastic tubs with lids you may already have, or renting eco-friendly heavy duty plastic moving crates from us.

Cardboard Boxes & Plastic Packing Boxes for Moving

First thing first, give us a call to so we can walk through your moving needs so we can help find the perfect service for your needs, including providing you with all the boxes you need. As for which ones are the better packing containers, corrugated cardboard boxes or eco-friendly reusable plastic moving boxes? It's not a competition, a mixture of all of the above is almost always the right answer. If you're like the majority of people you already have some cardboard boxes Amazon and other e-tailers laying around,especially if you have been planning a move and ordered anything that came in a good size box, not only that but you probably already have Rubbermaid or other brand plastic tubs with lids, even coolers can be useful moving containers, even just to keep some cold beverages on hand during move day. Plus the boxes and crates provided to you when you use our services.

Heavy duty plastic crates are great for a number of reasons, here are just a few of them, they can take heavier loads without risking giving out, they also have a lip on the top that make the easier to stack on top of each other for moving on a dolly and when securing them to the moving truck, they also won't start to crush when stacked up, plus when you are done with them we take them back and reuse them for the next customer. Due to their heavy duty construction they can be reused hundreds if not thousands of times before needing to be replaced. They are perfect for all the small objects you need to pack up that can just be tossed into a moving container. They are also great for breakable items, just protect the packing materials we will go more in depth on on our How to pack for a move guide because you don't have to worry about the integrity of the box itself.

Meanwhile corrugated cardboard boxes are likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving boxes. They are the long time standard when packing for a move, and they are still very much in use and very useful. We will be happy to sell them to you, or depending on the level of moving services you choose we may even include some at no additional cost. We have cardboard boxes in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions including wardrobe boxes for all of your hanging clothes that you don't want to shove in a cardboard box. We have your moving box needs covered.