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Sure sure sure, throw it all in boxes and tape them up, you got it all covered, no moving help needed just send the truck please. That's a mentality we hear a lot, one tends to lead to people complaining about their possessions ending up getting broken at some point during the moving process, and of course they want to place the blame on us. Meanwhile our customers who take us up on our more robust services where we either handle much of the packing for you or simply provide you with the proper supplies don't seem to have that problem, weird how that works isn't it? It's almost as if listening to the moving help on how to pack and ship provided by professional movers is worth your time when your in need of moving services. Biggest piece of advice is to contact us before going to the local shipping and packing store and spending hard earned money on over priced packaging supplies. We have affordable moving services that include the essentials.

Moving Supplies

Packing Tape, Packing Material, and Packing Tips

You already know you need moving boxes, shipping containers, movers blankets, and ect. But in this moving guide we would like to mention the other things that have been glossed over until this point. A prime example is packaging tape, we have mentioned it but haven't really dug into it. You'll want to be wary of the no name options and the other cheapest options, all packing tape is not equal, often the cheapest options are thinner, less adhesive and just generally a pain to work with. If you choose not to use the tape we offer, we recommend going with Scotch brand which is made by 3M, in general 3M makes some of the best tape for the price regardless of the type, their duct tape for example much better than most others on the market. If Scotch is a pricier than you want to spend our runner up would be Uline packing tape. Also We'd suggest skipping the versions that come with a cheap plastic cutter, halfway though you will be thankful for springing for the quality "tape gun" (aka industrial side loading tape dispenser), it shouldn't be an issue but make sure your tape rolls fit the gun. The only way this should be an issue if you ignore the advice to get good quality tape, rather the cheap brands that have a larger diameter center cardboard so their short length of tape appears to be the same size at first glance. If these companies spent less time thinking up new ways to deceive their customers they could just create and sell a good product.

We spent a lot of time on tape because aside from boxes it is if not the most important part it's the most used supply. But there are so many more important packing materials to keep your possessions safe during relocation, especially the breakable ones. While towels, sweaters, shirts and even newspapers can work well for some things, bubble trap and moving foam are those extra layers that really make sure your breakable arrive in one piece. Biodegradable packing peanuts, packing paper and newspapers still have their place in the shipping supply arsenal.

We offer a wide variety of moving services to fit any budget and need. Before making any purchases contact us, may we be able to save you time and also money. Our expert movers will be able to help you find the package that best suites your needs, we're more than just a moving rental truck.