Moving Blankets / Furniture Pads | Move Guide

One of the most important aspects of your next move is making sure you get all of your possessions, especially the expensive ones, from the old location to the new one without damaging them, let alone fully breaking them during transport. That's where moving blankets also known as Furniture Pads come in very handy, but they won't magically solve all of your issues. The idea behind them is pretty simple they are provide a padded covering for your furniture and other larger objects, that help to keep them from getting scratched up during the process of moving. The fact is no matter how securely things are strapped down in the moving they will move around and if say wooden surfaces are exposed they can rub leading to scratches. And of course anything with glass risks far more than just some surface scratching. Below we'll go into detail into how to protect your belongings if you don't use our full service package where moving experts do it for you.

Where Do I Get Moving Blankets / Furniture Pads?

Your first move should be to call us, depending on the relocation package you pick we may be able to provide them to you for your move so you don't have to buy them in addition to your other moving expenses. With that said they can be pretty inexpensive and can come in handy for other uses so even if you are going to be using some of ours you may want to buy a few for yourself. If you are going to do a mixture of ours and some of your own you will want to make sure yours are clearly marked as your, the best way would be to first talk to us about what color and style the blankets we will provide you with are and then picking ones that are easy to tell which are which.

However moving blankets are not all the same, generally the cheaper they are the less protective they will be. What you want to look for is the size and weight along with the materials it's made out of. Generally the more weight each blanket is the more padding it has as well as the density of the padding. There are also a lot of cheap ones basically designed to use and throw away, if you are buying them to have on hand in the future you will want to avoid those. Another good metric to judge ones you want to buy and keep is if they are machine washable.

There are also covers made out of the same materials for large appliances, like your washer and drying, stove, and refrigerator. We don't really recommend them as things you purchase yourself, as you are far less likely to use them in the future, they tend to be higher priced, and unless the makers provide accurate measurements and you go through the hassle of measuring your own appliances you could have issues with the fit. They sound great in concept but really they aren't much more useful or time saving than wrapping them in normal pads and securing them down.

Another tip for your moving checklist, if you have a item that is worth more to you than just the material value and you want to go the extra mile to protect it, you could choose to purchase "Sound Blankets" designed for recording studios which are very similar to moving blankets but generally much denser padding and better quality, along with that comes a higher price tag.